Hi there!

We're Sander & Virginia de Vries. A highly enthusiastic husband and wife photographer duo, devoted to your special photo session or event. 

a little bit about us...

I’m 25 years old and am passionate about photography and ALL things creative. Growing up, I was surrounded by a family of artists, which is what has hugely influenced who I am today. I picked up photography in my sophomore year in high school and haven’t looked back! I absolutely fell in love with the way a camera can present our world to us. Slowly through the years I have expanded my filter across many different subjects, but remember starting in nature with macro photography.



I'm a late-20's technology geek that gets excited about basically anything that runs on electricity. I'm normally the first to suggest we buy new equipment that we can experiment with to achieve different results with our photos.


My education background lies in music performance and composition which has widened my creative abilities in ways far beyond  just that. 

What started as Virginia photographing on her own, (and Sander coming as her assistant/camera bag holder) has evolved into the photographic duo we are today.

We believe that our combined talents, along with our own unique love story is what makes us a formidable photography team.

We met over a decade ago in a way you might not quite expect...

 studio de vries

Thanks so much!